Superficie magnetica

Scheda Tecnica

Autore: Davide Boriani
Anno: 1961
Misure: 60 x 17 cm
Tipologia: opera cinetico-visuale
Materiale: campo elettromagnetico, metallo, limatura di ferro, calamita, motore elettrico
Provenienza: Opera donata dal Premio Nazionale Arti Visive Città di Gallarate nel 1976

Codice di inventario:

Superficie magnetica

Davide Boriani

 In this work, reflection on the time and perception of the artwork, fundamental themes for Gruppo T, of which Davide Boriani was a member, is associated with colour. Colour, a hallmark of traditional painting, is translated into a new, plastic industrial material combined with mechanical and electric elements. The chromatic variations are not created by changes in natural light, but rather programmed in advance by the artist using a system of motors and light bulbs. The work Pantachrome n.5 is made up of thirty-six cubic methacrylate modules. In each module, there is a sequence of gradually changing colours, generated through additive synthesis, that cover the entire spectrum of perceptible hues. Every sequence has a different speed and colour order. The first image, comprising the complete series of thirty-six colours, reappears after a cycle of programmed variations that lasts six years. (GF)

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