Volume a moduli sfasati

Scheda Tecnica

Autore: Dadamaino
Anno: 1960
Misure: 100 x 100 cm
Tipologia: dipinto
Materiale: plastica
Provenienza: Opera donata dal Premio Nazionale Arti Visive Città di Gallarate nel 1976

Codice di inventario:

Volume a moduli sfasati


 The works on view are from the early 1960s, a period during which the artist was linked with Gruppo T and when her work was oriented towards themes of space, time and the renewal of the codes of art. Dadamaino's study of the repetition and variation of the base geometric structure was paired with the use of new, industrial materials, such as plastic, nylon and aluminium. In Volume a moduli sfasati, the regular and rhythmic sequence of small holes on overlapping sheets of plastic appear soft and suffuse rather than orderly and rational, while in Oggetto visivo instabile a checkerboard of aluminium tesserae of differing sizes creates an optical effect of movement.Equally unlike the others, the work of La ricerca del colore on the module and its reiteration, which creates unstable vibrations, is created by the rhythmic modulation of subtle gradations and plays of colour. (GF)

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