Pittura R

Scheda Tecnica

Autore: Pino Pinelli
Anno: 1995
Misure: 31 x 37 cm
Tipologia: dipinto
Materiale: tecnica mista e pigmenti
Provenienza: Opera donata dal Premio Nazionale Arti Visive Città di Gallarate nel 1996

Codice di inventario:

Pittura R

Pino Pinelli

Coming to Milan from Catania in the early 1960s, Pino Pinelli was influenced by the cultural climate of a period dominated by the work of Lucio Fontana, Enrico Castellani, Agostino Bonalumi and all of the artists who were investigating pictorial space and who had, in different ways, surpassed it. His work thus began to be oriented towards the making of paintings, or the very act of creation: painting that was not laid out on the canvas but rather that transformed itself, as in the work Pittura R (1995), where slivers of colour take possession of the space. Pinelli in fact used colour as a material, an almost velvety one, and worked by hand, in a way that rendered the works themselves tactilely fascinating. (VR)

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