Un paesaggio da lontano

Scheda Tecnica

Autore: Massimo Bartolini
Anno: 2009
Misure: 2400 x 6000 cm
Tipologia: installazione
Materiale: acciaio e ferro
Provenienza: Opera donata dalla Regione Lombardia nel 2010

Codice di inventario:

Un paesaggio da lontano

Massimo Bartolini

“A Landscape from a Distance” is the installation that Massimo Bartolini presented in  the project “Twister. Lombardy museum Net for contemporary art”. This project, involving the main museum institutions in Lombardy in 2009, had a twofold objective: expanding their collections by acquiring an artwork and promoting a site specific intervention that could modify the spaces surrounding the museums in a permanent way.
The same happened with  Bartolini’s work, who worked at the threshold between the public space and museum space that, on its part, is both public and private.
Bartolini has always been interested in modifying the place where he works or in rebuilding it
“He steps in” as Laura Cherubini affirms “by  hiding and exalting the efforts for designing and planning.”
Indeed, after a hard and complex study that concerns different  disciplines, thanks to his careful work,  he produces really fine objects.
His installations become spaces for contemplation, suspension, fleeting and revelation.
“A Landscape from a Distance” integrates itself into the environment: the lengthened poles of the gate, a simple but very effective solution, allude to poplar woods in our plains, that are evanescent because they are enveloped in the fog, with their outlines merging into the sky and the ground, like the picture of the axis mundi.  Bartolini activates a multiple relationship modality: he explores the territories leaving a very light mark that links the sky to the ground, as well as different spaces, man and landscape, as the same artist affirms when he talks about the origin of his artwork: “I was intrigued by the landscape relationships, as well as by the public and the people, who are landscapes themselves”.

Traduzione di  Elisa Raineri, Lisa Pallaro e Andrea Filippini, I.S. Gadda - Rosselli, Gallarate

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