Scheda Tecnica

Autore: Alessandra Spranzi
Anno: 2009
Misure: 70 x 100 cm
Tipologia: fotografia
Materiale: stampa a colori su alluminio
Provenienza: Opera acquisita dal Premio Nazionale Arti Visive Città di Gallarate nel 2012

Codice di inventario:


Alessandra Spranzi

Thanks to photography and videos, Alessandra Spranzi inspects and analyzes the aesthetics of the stereotype of social habits, providing the public with an existential view over reality.
The observation of the routine is the artist's main instrument: after recording a process or an event, Ms. Spranzi carries out an action, simple in its essentiality, that changes our usual knowledge of things.
That is what happens in the artwork Stanze#2, which derives from  the combination of different housing spaces.
The pictures are taken from advertising folders of holiday destinations, characterized by a ropy and not very accurate aesthetic.
Hotel rooms, banal and anonymous locations, come up empty and desolate, different in details but the same style. By an assembling process, Alessandra Spranzi lay one upon the other couples of pictures creating imaginary spaces. The invention has a double effect: on the one hand you observe  the strenghtening  of the blurred reality of the spaces, on the other hand you amplify the sense of unreality, because of the thin visual incongruences that come from the architectural combination.
By stirring up the enigma, the artist shows therefore the other side of the appearence, typical feature of her poetics, either it is a photo or a video.
The artwork, which is part of a wider cycle of works linked to this theme, has been selected for the "XXIII Prize City of Gallarate" dedicated to contemporary photography, although Ms. Spranzi's work cannot be considered  just as a photographic production. Her research, based either on the tale of reality or on the insight of the nature of images, its conceptual root,  is mentioned by the artist herself, who writes in a recent publication: “Reality often offers itself in the form of pictures, pictures of reality which are found somewhere. Pictures light up the reality's chaos, where photomontage works, preserving the chaos, even making it more evident, by cutting and reassembling  not homogeneous and fragmented spaces and times".

Traduzione di Paola Galbusera, Alice Colombo, Christian Martari, Roberta Piotto. I.S. Gadda - Rosselli, Gallarate

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