The Museum MAGA has a specialized library of art books, some 25,000 volumes cataloged and accessible between essays, monographs, exhibition catalogs, art books, books on

architecture and design. The library houses the collection of books of Silvio Zanella (600 volumes) and Pirelli Marinella (700 volumes), both the families of the artists have in fact donated art library property. In addition to this important heritage in the library you can find collections of some 80 different titles of art journals, some of which are no longer published. The library is open to the public every morning from Monday to Saturday, the complete catalog room service is available online on the Ministry's website dedicated to national library service catalog (OPAC-sbn) and visible from the site http://www.biblioteche.regione . The newspaper library includes the most important magazines accessible on request. You can also use the interlibrary loan service through computer links with the national library network SBN.