History of the Collection

The MAGA’s collections, consisting of over 5000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, ceramics, artist books, multimedia works, photographs, designer objects and graphics, offer to the visitors a rich and articulated landscape of the principle artistic currents which have animated the national art scene from the mid-twentieth century down to the present. There are numerous works donated by the Premio Gallarate and by artists, while others are loaned on temporary deposit by private collectors. The MAGA fosters the production and acquisition of works by young artists produced specifically for the museum at exhibitions specially devoted to them. The published works are a selection of all the assets of the museum in order to illustrate the most significant chapters in the history of Italian art of the twentieth and twenty-first century. These works are divided into two sections, the works from the collections of the MAGA and loans for use granted on a temporary basis for the museum's collection.

The authors of the boards of the works are Laura Carrù (LC), Alessandro Castiglioni (AC), Francesca Chiara (FC), Francesca Marianna Consonni (FMC), Giulia Formenti (GF), Lorraine Giuranna (LG), Marina Hammered (MM)